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Meet Annie, Ephatta Ambassador

Who are you?

I’m 49 years old and the youngest child of a family of 7 children. I’ve been a nurse for 28 years and I’ve made the choice of remaining single. I’m passionate by God and Gospels. I also like nature, cycling, travelling and geocaching (a treasure hunt around the world with a GPS).
I first met God at 8 during confession, and I’ve been fascinated by his mercy since then. Interested in monastic prayers, I enjoy retreats in monasteries or the solitude of a hermitage. I also took an interest in Judaism, origin of our faith, since I travelled to Israel in 1997.
I’m a musical activity leader: I play the guitar and sing at various occasions (Eucharist, christenings, weddings, funerals, youth centers, detention centers). I’m touched by Robert Level’s vast repertoire and I use it to sing the word of God. My favorite songs are: "je suis prodigue et tu es Père", "Tous ensemble", "Je veux faire de ma vie", "Seigneur que veux-tu que je fasse?".

What did you like in Ephatta ?

I like welcoming and showing people around. I’m found of meeting new and different people, experience mutual enrichment. Through my travels, I myself had the pleasure to enjoy the peaceful, safe and warm welcome of kind people in Belgium, Switzerland and Italy.

Why did you want to become an ambassador?

Because Internet can be frightening and it’s sometimes difficult to know if you can trust provided information. In my opinion, it’s necessary to have reliable contacts to improve trust, it’s good to see faces, hear a voice on Skype or meet if possible. I find Ephatta’s initiative quite nice and I want to share it in my area. So Quebec can also ‘be opened’!

What is Christian hospitality for you and how do you want to share it?

I want to give back and answer to God’s call: «For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me» Matthew 25:35 and, «welcome him in the Lord with great joy» 2:29