Traveller on Ephatta since March 2016

"There is indeed a lot to say, to share with your visitors"


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Tell us about yourself

Writer for more than a decade, accomplished sportswoman, I am also a yoga teacher. Involved in various associations, I am also a radio host on RCF Jura.

How did you hear about Ephatta?

For the first time on the Internet, a site "inspires me" in the sense that I perceived an attraction, an interest beyond appearances, almost a communion of conscience, beyond the strictly Christian framework announced. An attraction that has remained fallow for a long time, not having the possibility of being away from home (we are parents of a large family, including a girl with multiple disabilities). It is only in 2016 that I embark on the adventure itself....

How did your stays go?

On two occasions, I met people practicing hospitality at the Ephatta site. There would indeed be much to say, to share with your visitors and more broadly with the general public.