Franck and Marlène.

Hosts on Ephatta since January 2018

"Many beautiful encounters, beautiful exchanges about our faith, how we met our God, and those we love"


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Tell us about yourself

We are a Catholic couple and have chosen to live in Paray le Monial to serve the Church in welcoming pilgrims all year round. We are both 60 years old this year, retired a few months ago, parents and grandparents and members of the Emmanuel community.

How did you hear about Ephatta?

We received an invitation email and were immediately seduced by the functional and practical nature of the site.

In what context do you welcome?

We were already welcoming and used to have friends over. The great novelty was to welcome people we didn't know.

We have many requests, especially in the summer during the sessions organized by the Emmanuel community, the evenings sometimes end late around a herbal tea or digestive to share what has been experienced during the day.

How did your welcomes go?

The contact prior to the agreement already allows a first contact and thus to be projected on the reception. The first time we welcomed a young couple who were as impressed and stressed as we were, but everything quickly relaxed when we offered them time to take time with us, to drink something.

We systematically offer this time of free but so rich meeting where everyone talks about himself, his relationship with God and why he is there.

What do you remember from these experiences?

We appreciate and remember many beautiful encounters, beautiful exchanges about our faith, how we met our God, and those we love, what they bring us. This is all the beauty and richness of home hospitality.

Will you do it again?

Without hesitation it is an integral part of our life project for the years to come. It is also a financial contribution that allows us to improve the comfort of our rooms that we offer.