Alain and Geneviève.

Hosts on Ephatta since August 2018

"We are sure that these welcomes made thanks to Ephatta can only allow beautiful encounters to be lived!"


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Tell us about yourself

Alain and Geneviève, 69 and 67 years old. We have been retired and registered on the Ephatta site for a few months. We are involved in various associative or social structures, members of the Teams of Our Lady for more than 30 years, parents of 4 children and grandparents 7 times.

Why Ephatta?

We have always had this desire to "receive" and we have tried to transmit to our children this concern for reception (family first and then beyond). We regularly welcome volunteers who come to work in summer on Albi (Festival Pause Guitare on which one of our daughters has great responsibilities), friends of our children, migrants passing through Albi...

It is of course the term "Christian site" that has encouraged us to formalize our possibilities of welcome and to open our house more widely... empty most often since our 4 children have left it several years ago. We have several rooms and are fortunate to live in a very quiet area, have a small garden, and a rather pleasant neighborhood.

How did you hear about Ephatta?

We have known Ephatta through our Christian RCF Radio, on which we have been "connected" daily for years and for which we regularly give a modest part of our income. And, moreover, Ephatta gave us the possibility to donate part of the rentals to RCF!

How did your welcomings go?

When Joëlle and Gérard contacted us through Ephatta, we were first surprised... We didn't expect it. We quickly took the decision to respond favourably to their request, we gave them the details they wanted before leaving for a 3-week cure in Dax.....and were completely reassured about the future welcome.

When the day came, we "picked up" Joëlle and Gérard in town, as agreed, to guide them to our house by car. We offered them to come and eat at our house... and they accepted!

What do you learn from these experiences?

We were able to spend a few hours together, to "discover" each other, in simplicity and conviviality. Being almost the same age, we quickly found our "common points" as parents and grandparents!

The next morning, we drove Joëlle and Gérard back to town with the necessary directions to leave Albi for Rodez where they had to stop to visit the cathedral........ after visiting the one in Albi. (beautiful).

Joëlle and Gérard sent us 48 hours after the pictures Gérard had taken in front of our house... a souvenir of those good moments spent together.

Will you do it again?

We are now ready to do it again.... Albi is such a beautiful city that many tourists (Christians and non-Christians) come here regularly. This first experience may have been made easier by the fact that Joëlle and Gérard were "our generation"..... but we are sure that these welcomes made thanks to Ephatta can only allow beautiful encounters to be lived!