If you wish to experience hospitality in the tradition of welcoming monasteries, activate the Monasterio option!

How does it work? When you create your accommodation offer, if you activate the Monasterio option, the first night of the stay is then free for the Traveller who will make a hosting request!

Monasterio is not a promotional code or an advertising offer. This option is in line with the tradition of the Middle Ages in monasteries. (That's why it's called Monasterio 🧐😏)

While many pilgrims or people passing through were knocking on the monasteries' doors to ask for board🍽 and lodging🛏, it was the monks' custom to offer the first night before asking for a contribution towards the reception expenses. Thus, the monastery practiced Christian hospitality adapted to the material means of the community: it was impossible for them to welcome everyone free of charge without putting the monks in difficulty!

It is this experience of availability and openness to Travellers that Ephatta offers to Hosts. By triggering the Monasterio option, the Host is then part of the Church's beautiful tradition of hospitality. ⛪🤗

Ephatta is not a hosting site like any other. We propose you to follow the footsteps of the apostles, monks, early Christians and all those who, long before the Internet and the "collaborative economy", had understood the fundamental place that hospitality should hold in our lives.