Ephatta Team

Ephatta is a project but it is also a team that makes it live every day!

First there is Thibaud, it was him who had the idea of ​​the project. He is very strong in marketing💪, thanks to him travelers and hosts looking for a new way of travelling will be able to know Ephatta, it is also thanks to him that we have incredible partners who trust Ephatta.🙏

Then there are Antonin and Jeremy, the experts of the technique.👨💻 It is thanks to them that the website works. Without them, we would not understand much. So we are really happy to have them! 😁

There is also Caroline who takes care of users more or less experienced with the use of Ephatta. She also makes the site more and more functional, so it's to her that you can tell when you are satisfied 👏 and when you are less satisfied.🙈

In addition, we have Remi who helps us animate the community and keeps you informed of Ephatta news !

Last but not least, there are members of Ephatta, hosts who have been there for a long time and those who are not here since long, travelers, all the people who support the project and thanks to whom Ephatta is there every day to enable travelling and sharing.