Our Story

Give meaning to your meetings.

Travel differently by experiencing the Christian welcome is the adventure that ephatta offers to travelers!

Sharing is very fashionable. In the "collaborative economy", you share your car, your apartment, your DIY tools or even your clothes. But sharing without the real encounter, what is the point?

This is the first report made by Thibaud. He realizes that the collaborative is based on Christian values sometimes emptied of their meaning: sharing, opening, meeting ...

An idea then arises: why not create a project that would drive the Christian values of hospitality and openness? Ephatta was born.

Hospitality at the heart of hosting

Since Ephatta offers this experience many of you tried this adventure with us. In three years, more than 14,000 Hosts and Travelers have already decided to trust us and travel differently with Ephatta.

More than a acommodation site, Ephatta offers to all travelers and hosts the opportunity to experience kindness, caring and welcoming: the three pillars of hospitality which are at the heart of our project.

The principle is as simple as opening the door: simply register to offer a room, a bed or a piece of garden to the traveler.

Because when all the corners of the planet are accessible, where mass tourism has little to do with travel, Ephatta invites you to visit a continent up to now unexplored: our neighbour.