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Les Chantiers du Cardinal has approached Ephatta to create a community of people supporting the association and wishing to welcome for its benefit. Ephatta is a Christian hospitality website that connects people looking for temporary accommodation with others who are ready to open to them their doors. Living a warm moment of Christian hospitality by doing a good deed is even better !

How it works

Les Chantiers du Cardinal

Les Chantiers du Cardinal has been working for nearly 90 years to build and preserve churches and religious heritage in general in the Île-de-France region. Since its creation in 1931, the work founded by Cardinal Jean Verdier, Archbishop of Paris, has given visibility to the Church by ensuring its presence in the heart of cities and villages. 456 churches and chapels are concerned by their action, out of the 1740 places of cult in the Paris region as well as thousands of parish buildings. They also finance the construction of new churches. More than 300 places of cult have been built with their support since 1931 and thousands of renovation projects have been carried out.