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Fondation Notre Dame has approached Ephatta to create a community of people supporting the association and wishing to welcome for its benefit. Ephatta is a Christian hospitality website that connects people looking for temporary accommodation with others who are ready to open to them their doors. Living a warm moment of Christian hospitality by doing a good deed is even better !

How it works

Fondation Notre Dame

Recognized as a public utility for 25 years, the Fondation Notre Dame, through its Entraide & Éducation program, encourages and develops projects of mutual aid, education and Christian culture. The Fondation Notre Dame is mobilized in the service of the human person, in all its dimensions. Its missions are, with all those who wish to make man grow by restoring his confidence and hope, to make their commitment and ideas bear fruit. It houses nearly 40 foundations that appeal to the public for generosity (Bernardins, KTO, Insertions par le logement, Avenir du Patrimoine à Paris, EDC,...) or that are created by individuals. The aim is to promote projects of a Christian nature and that is why EPHATTA deserves to be encouraged and supported because it has a positive vision of the harmony of human relations that Christians are called upon to foster.