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Fondacio has approached Ephatta to create a community of people supporting the association and wishing to welcome for its benefit. Ephatta is a Christian hospitality website that connects people looking for temporary accommodation with others who are ready to open to them their doors. Living a warm moment of Christian hospitality by doing a good deed is even better !

How it works


Fondacio is a Christian movement founded in 1974 and present in 20 countries.
Sensitive to the challenges of the world and eager to spread a spirituality of friendship based on the Gospel, more than 7,000 people participate each year in camps, sessions, training and sharing groups for young people, couples and families, leaders in society, seniors and people in difficulty.
In 45 years of field experience, Fondacio has developed a real expertise in the field of individual and collective support for these different types of audiences. The purpose of our projects is always to give everyone the means to be an actor in their life and their integration into society.
Fondacio is recognized by the Catholic Church (canonical statutes) and is linked to the Orthodox and Protestant churches.