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Alpha has approached Ephatta to create a community of people supporting the association and wishing to welcome for its benefit. Ephatta is a Christian hospitality website that connects people looking for temporary accommodation with others who are ready to open to them their doors. Living a warm moment of Christian hospitality by doing a good deed is even better !

How it works

Parcours Alpha France

Because the local Christian community is the place for life-changing encounters, Alpha offers tools to serve communities of different Christian denominations who wish to reach our contemporaries where they are. The Alpha Journey is a series of meals, open to all, where everyone can come to question themselves and share with others about the meaning of life. Some courses focus on the discovery of the Christian faith (Alpha Classic, Alpha Youth, Alpha Campus, Alpha Pro, Alpha Prison), others on the construction of the couple relationship or the exercise of parenthood (Alpha Couple, Alpha Duo, Alpha Parents). An Alpha Course is always offered in conjunction with a parish or church, in agreement with the priest or pastor and under his authority. Today, about 1,200 parishes, churches or chaplaincies offer one of these Alpha Courses in France. These courses are organized and animated thanks to a network of more than 10,000 lay volunteers.