Why become an Ephatta host? ?

Do you want to host differently, do you like to welcome to meet, to share, to put benevolence in the heart of hospitality?

Private individual or professional, Ephatta is open to anyone who wants to experience hospitality as experienced by early Christians !

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Rent with total trust

By welcoming on Ephatta, you benefit from an insurance that protects you for all stays.

This makes your receptions safer and enables you to meet people in total trust. You enjoy the security of a community that pledged to follow Christian values of respect and benevolence !

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Charity Hosting

You want to give more meaning to hospitality by supporting an association?

You can, if you wish, take part in the program "Charity Hosting" which enables you to donate up to 100% of the income generated on the site to one of our partner associations.

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Monasterio is the opportunity to welcome travelers for free the first night.

The host is then part of the beautiful tradition of hospitality of the Church whose monasteries and abbeys offered to the pilgrims and travelers board and lodging for one night and asked a participation beyond a night.

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